week 5: warm spinach salad

In the kitchen I have one simple rule, an egg makes anything instantly better.  I've always been a fan of each of the ingredients in this dish individually, so a meal where I can eat spinach, sausage, a fried egg all for under 300 calories, sign me up!   I made this delightful salad for … Continue reading week 5: warm spinach salad


crock pot pulled pork

I think the fact that I didn't get a final picture of my pulled pork sandwich speaks volumes for just how good this recipe is! As I woke up and got dressed this morning I could hear the pitter patter of rain drops outside.  So of course, I couldn't think of a better day to try … Continue reading crock pot pulled pork

week 4: turkey burgers

It's certainly funny how one day you can't imagine cooking and the next day you are collecting recipes like the world is going to end tomorrow.  Yesterday, I had absolutely no desire to find a recipe to attempt this week, but as soon as I pinned this Turkey Burger recipe, I knew I had broken … Continue reading week 4: turkey burgers

crock pot carnitas

To make sure I stay committed to my new year's resolution I also established a monthly "family" dinner with my close friends from college- pot luck style to make sure everyone brings something!  This month the theme was Mexican, so I decided to dust off my crock pot and get festive!  The result was a … Continue reading crock pot carnitas

week 3: garlic chicken pasta

Every week I try to plan out my menu in advance.  That way I know what I need to buy at the grocery store and I know which days I need to cook and which days I can just eat leftovers.  For whatever reason, I just wasn't craving my planned Chinese Chicken Salad, maybe it … Continue reading week 3: garlic chicken pasta