crock pot pulled pork


I think the fact that I didn’t get a final picture of my pulled pork sandwich speaks volumes for just how good this recipe is! As I woke up and got dressed this morning I could hear the pitter patter of rain drops outside.  So of course, I couldn’t think of a better day to try this delicious crock pot recipe while I trudged off to work.  What better prize is there to a long rainy day then a nice warm meal waiting for you when you get home?

[Edit: I was able to recreate the photo op with some delicious leftovers! I warmed them up in the oven and they were just as good as yesterday!]


2.5 lb boneless pork loin roast

2 tsp red wine vinegar

2 tsp Hickory liquid smoke

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp sea salt

1 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce (I used Kraft Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce)

1/3 head cabbage, shredded

1 tbsp red win vinegar

1 tsp olive oil

salt and pepper, to taste


Rinse pork with water and pat dry with paper towels.  Place pork in the slow cooker and sprinkle one side with half the amounts of salt, vinegar, garlic powder and liquid smoke. Rub the seasoning into the meat to infuse as much flavor as possible.  Flip and do the same to the other side, making sure to rub the sides of the pork with the mixture as well.  Cover and set to cook on low for 10 hours.

Remove pork and transfer onto a large dish; reserve 1 cup of the crock pot liquid.


Shred the pork with two forks and put it back into the slow cooker along with about 1 cup of the reserved liquid and the BBQ sauce. Cook on high one more hour.


While the pork is simmering, shred cabbage (I used my food processor- it’s amazing) and season with red wine, vinegar, salt and pepper to your preference.  Toast a whole wheat bun and serve warm topped with the cabbage slaw or pickles.


caloric info: pulled pork only: makes 8 3 oz servings for 213 calories

Edit: I’m extremely disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of my sandwich all together- yes it really was that good!  But I do have leftovers, so hopefully I can tear my hungry mouth away from this delicious meal long enough to snap a few pics! Pics are here!


Sweet and tangy until even the last bites! Yumm!


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