Copy Cat Chick-fil-A Nuggets


One of my guiltiest pleasures is chicken nuggets- any kind of fast food, deep fried deliciousness- I just cannot resist.  In addition to my crazy Lenten promises of giving up frozen meals and diet soda, I also made the commitment to abstain from fast food for the 40 days of lent.  Cue copy cat chick-fil-a nugget recipe to fight those cravings.  This recipe has got to be one of my favorites thus far, not only does it truly rival the original, but depending on your preparation, it can also be fairly healthy!

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week 9: Parchment Paper Chicken


This past week was extremely busy for me- I had a leadership convention over the weekend and had to come home a little bit early to care for my sick boyfriend.  In the process of researching delicious chicken noodle soup recipes for my sickling, I came across an adorable presentation and settled on making this recipe.  {I did not have enough time or my usual kitchen supplies to take pictures of the finished soup product} But I loved the chicken preparation so much I decided to use my leftover soup herbs to make round deux a few days later.

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week 8: lemon butter salmon


Since I am a semi-practicing Catholic, Fridays have become a day of remembering not to eat meat (poultry, red meat, etc.) in keeping with the Lenten season.  Before this meal, I had never actually cooked a piece of fish myself.  Don’t get me wrong- I love fresh fish, sushi, shrimp, pretty much anything that lives in the sea.  I just terrified me to prepare my own dish with a delicate fish.  Salmon seemed like the easiest fish to tackle first, so I made a super fast and easy Lemon Butter Salmon and paired it with a warm quinoa salad for my first meatless Lenten Friday dish.

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week 7: peanut butter cup cupcakes

Being Valentine’s Day and all I decided to make my wonderful boyfriend his favorite baked good- peanut butter cup cupcakes. The first time I baked for him, I asked what his favorite treat was his response was peanut butter and chocolate. So I searched the web in search of the perfect combination of these two ingredients- let’s just say I found the mother load.

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week 6: shrimp fried quinoa

Shrimp Fried RICE Quinoa:

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to treat myself to every craving I could imagine.  At work we had a birthday lunch for our February birthdays, where I enjoyed a delicious and surely calorie filled crispy shrimp pita sandwich- definitely a diet no go!  Of course being on a downhill course, I could only think about fatty greasy foods, especially some Panda Express fried rice.  I remembered I had seen a pin on pinterest for a easy crock pot fried quinoa.  Tonight would be the night for a easy, light and craving filling dinner- shrimp fried quinoa! Yum!

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