Picnic Napkin Cutlery Wrap

I know when I began this blog, I promised recipes posts, but one of my other passions is entertaining and since, at least I believe, they go hand in hand, here’s a DIY napkin wrap tutorial. My birthday is coming up in the next week, so as a fun way to celebrate a group of my friends and I are going wine tasting. I’m bringing the picnic and wanted to make the idea of picnicking a little fancier than red gingham napkins and white plastic forks.


First of all, I’ll give you a breakdown of all of my supplies and the cost:

Kiwi table setting Napkins {Party City} – $2.17

Clear Formal Flatware Fork {Party City} – $3.99

Twine {Jo-Ann’s} – $2.49


I know they cost a little more than regular plastic forks, but these fancy formal forks really make a difference when trying to impress a group of friends!

Now here’s the how to:

Start with the napkin folded vertically in the middle.

1) Fold the bottom half of the napkin up- Grasp the bottom of the napkin and fold it up so the bottom edge rests halfway up the napkin

2) Fold the new bottom up so it reaches the same line.

3) Flip the napkin over and smooth it out. Fold the left side in so the edge rests at the napkin’s new center.

4) Pick up the right corner and tuck it under the short folds on the left-hand side. Align the corners so the bottom and right sides of the napkin are straight.

5) Smooth the napkin, then flip it over and arrange the fork (knife, and spoon) in the pouch.  Tie ribbon or twine around the napkin holder to match the occasion!



Below are the finished products:


I can’t wait to show these off to my friends next weekend at my birthday picnic!


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