Dr Oz. 3 Day Cleanse in Review


As the Biggest Loser competition at my work comes to an end, I decided what better way to shed the post Easter Brunch and Taco Bell dinner food baby bump I’ve been sporting than with a juice cleanse.  Living in LA, it’s hard not to get swept away by the newest diet trend; especially with new juiceries popping up on every corner, it’s hard to ignore them.  After scouring many deal sites and not being sure about the quality or success and not wanting to buy a coupon cleanse, I settled on the Dr. Oz 3 Day Juice Cleanse; however, I couldn’t commit to the whole plan- I only juiced for two days because I had baseball tickets to the Dodgers vs. the Giants and who can resist a Dodger Dog and garlic fries?  Not me!  Now onto the juices…






This cleanse is definitely do-able. Although I do try to eat relatively healthy, the night before I started I had eaten a crunchwrap supreme and a cool ranch doritos locos taco, so clearly you don’t need to have the best diet prior to the cleanse to achieve results.

the good:
I didn’t wake up starving like I thought I would each morning.
I didn’t seem to crave coffee the day after I finished the cleanse.
I lost 4.6 pounds- just in time for the final weigh in. {Yes, I know it was water weight and not real weight loss}
I felt full most of the time, the days I didn’t drink my snack juice and the second day I only made half of the lunch juice.
I’ve always been a bath person, but the epson salt bath was a nice way to relax at the end of the day!

the bad:
I never thought I would miss chewing actual food. The first day was so bad, I had to nibble some of the frozen mango in my dinner juice just to satiate the craving!
While the lunch dinner wasn’t my favorite, by the second day (in a smaller quantity) it was drinkable and I felt satisfied.
As for the dinner drink, cayenne pepper and I just aren’t meant to be- I could only drink half the juice both days.


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