Weekend Snapshots: Preakness Stakes

Saturday was the Preakness in Baltimore- in case you didn’t know this is the 2nd horse race of what was supposed to be Orb’s Triple Crown Run, but Oxbow challenged Orb and upset the entire race.

We were able to attend the horse races at Hollywood Park, where they allowed bets to be placed on the Preakness and displayed the race for all to see. Being a cautious gambler, I bet on Orb, the frontrunner, to win and placed two other bets on interestingly named horses- Mylute & Itsmyluckyday to place. Meanwhile, Bill placed the safe bet on Orb and feeling inspired placed another bet on Oxbow to win and to place. That $4 bet turned into a $45 payday!

All in all, we came up on top, including our drinks for the afternoon, we finished the day up $9! It’s the small victories that make life exciting.

In case you want a recap of the Preakness, here’s a list of the winners & losers by the Bleacher Report.


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