Weekend Snapshots: Phoenix

The past two months have been go, go, go for me with weekend trips to Dallas, Napa, Laughlin and now Phoenix. But this weekend trip was a welcome, relaxing vacation. We set off for Phoenix a little after one in the afternoon on Friday and got into town by 6:30pm, just in time to watch the Giant’s game on TV. We found an adorable hideaway to eat dinner and even had our own personal TV to watch the game- Bill was quite pleased we had chanced upon this restaurant.

Saturday, we woke up at 7:30 am to stake our claim to two luxury lounge chairs at the resort’s pool. We were able to create a perfect oasis, with an umbrella, two cushioned loungers and the natural shade from the palms around the lazy river. We took a quick break from the already hot sun for brunch and mimosas, then camped out in the 100+ degree weather til the ball game at 7!

Our seats for the game had a great view of all the action. Luckily there were lots of runs for the Giants and we ended up taking a on the road win 10-5.

We woke up early Sunday morning to enjoy a few hours in the sun and work on our tans! The final game of the series was at 1pm, so we headed towards the stadium to watch a few innings. An awesome thing about Chase Field, is that there is a TGI Friday’s attached to the stadium. You can go in without a ticket and enjoy a view of the game from the restaurant. The tables have a 1 hour limit, but it’s totally worth it to catch a few innings while enjoying a beer and some tasty (maybe not so good for you) food!


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