The Perfect Cheese Plate

The Perfect Cheese Plate
There isn’t a better way to spend a Monday night than with a cheese plate, some wine, a good girlfriend or two, a little whining and the bachelorette. Maybe you don’t watch the bachelorette, but in our apartment it’s our dirty little Monday night secret. {I may also have a dirty Tuesday night secret called pretty little liars, but that’s a secret I’ll never tell}

There are many different ways to assemble the ideal cheese plate, but there are a four key rules you should follow!

Most importantly, you need the cheese, we opted for a brie and a manchego, which paired perfectly with our merlot. When in doubt of which cheeses to pair with a particular wine, check out this list from Don’t Fear the Grape.

Now that you have the cheese, how are you going to get the hunk of deliciousness in your mouth- the vehicle of course! We sliced up a baguette loaf and toasted the pieces on our panini grill. Once the bread is toasty, you can unplug the power leave the bread there until the plate is ready for a refill. For a crisper experience we also topped the plate with some water crackers.

With all the savory cheese, sometimes your palette needs a wake up call and that can be something as simple as a piece of fruit. Grapes are the perfect complement ti the saltiness of cheese. You might also opt for dried fruits, such as figs, prunes, and apricots.

The perfect cheese plate isn’t just about taste, texture is just as important. Add nuts, crunchy apple slices, or crisp crackers for a crunchy texture that offsets rich, creamy cheeses.

Now that you know the four important elements of a cheese plate, pop open a bottle of your favorite red or white and enjoy! Maybe even make a wine tasting party our of it. Have each of your friends bring their favorite bottle of wine and a cheese to be paired. I know I am already planning one!


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