Party Punch

It’s never a party without a signature drink and since graduating college, any party  I have thrown has included my infamous party punch.  From my birthday garden party to a rowdy holiday festivus, it’s the perfect beverage to get your guests in the party mood!  I’ll give you fair warning, this drink is extremely strong, but tastes like a sugary punch, so watch those friends who can’t handle their liquor.  This recipe has many different names and variations, but I always use the below formula:

30 cans of beer
1 handle vodka
2 frozen concentrated pink lemonade
2 frozen concentrated limeade
Lemons, sliced for decoration

The night before your party, combine the beer, vodka, and frozen concentrates in a larger cooler. Whisk liquid until frozen concentrate is combined. Refrigerate overnight.

Note: it’s very important to refrigerate overnight, otherwise the punch will not taste like lemonade, but rather an awful beer and vodka mix.Punch Recipe


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