Koh Samui

Please excuse my brief gap in posting, 2014 has already proven to be an exciting year.  One week into the new year, I headed halfway across the globe to meet Bill in Thailand- yes, me, headed to the unknown solo.  Luckily, his flight from Vietnam and my flight from Tai Pei arrived at the perfect moment for our paths to cross in the line for customs!  And so began our weeklong adventure in paradise.  Due to unrest in Bangkok, we ended up changing our plans and spending almost the entire duration of our trip in Koh Samui- I’m not complaining.  Check out some pictures below.

Koh Samui Hotel

I won’t bore you with the details of our trip- just know that it involved daily trips to the beach, delicious food and tasty drinks.  It was the perfect place to explore via moped and I only hope we are lucky enough to visit again one day.

Koh Samui Beach

2013 was the year I set out to try a new recipe each week and I did it!  This is probably the first time I’ve ever kept a new years resolution down to the very last week.  Look at me turning over a new leaf!  So what can you expect in the new year?  Well I’ll still be posting recipes, but I’ll be trying to mix it up a bit with more entertaining ideas and my latest obsessions, whether home goods related, restaurant related or just me related.  Look out for that section- obsessed much- coming soon!

Koh Samui Flight


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