Healthy Egg Salad Panini

Sometimes you just need a recipe remix to update a tried and true recipe. I've tried so many new recipes over the past two years that sometimes I forget about those recipes I truly loved and wanted to make over and over again. Do you find yourself swapping ingredients or augmenting parts of old recipes … Continue reading Healthy Egg Salad Panini


Lemon Chicken & Asparagus Quinoa Bowl

Looking for an easy make ahead of time lunch option?  Look no further than this lemon chicken and asparagus quinoa bowl. Seriously, not only are you getting two yummy servings of veggies, but the flavors are insane! The recipe is super easy and straight forward. Plan ahead-- store in individual Tupperware containers and you're good … Continue reading Lemon Chicken & Asparagus Quinoa Bowl

Kale, Pomegranate & Avocado Salad

Have you ever peeled and harvested your own Pomegranate seeds? I never had... Until now and boy can I tell you how much I appreciate those perfectly prepackaged seeds they sell at TJ's. Being the overachiever I am, I wanted to have the freshest ingredients for this salad, cuz, hey, look at the recipe- it's … Continue reading Kale, Pomegranate & Avocado Salad

Nutella Lava Cake

There are few things in life as enjoyable as a single serving dessert when you've had a long hard day. I found this recipe by chance and decided to give it a go one night. I have never made a better decision. I opted to top this delightful cake with a scoop of coffee ice … Continue reading Nutella Lava Cake