Garlic Bread Duo

I know what you’re thinking, both garlic bread and pasta recipes, are you crazy? No I’m not carbo-loading for a marathon, just trying to feed a hungry boyfriend. I was nervous when I decided to try the caprese version of this garlic bread duo. Bill always jokes that mozzarella, tomato and basil are “Lauren flavors,” … Continue reading Garlic Bread Duo


Double Turkey Lasagna

I’m a huge fan of comfort food- mashed potatoes and gravy is definitely my go to when I need a warm homey meal. But there’s also something about Lasagna… Maybe it’s the layers of yummy goodness or the ooey gooey cheesiness. I can’t quite pin point it, but it’s a meal that just makes me … Continue reading Double Turkey Lasagna

Pasta with Chicken Apple Sausage & Broccoli

Costco is one of my favorite places to go grocery shopping- hello deals! But one of the hardest things for me is coming up with recipes to utilize the impulse buys I made on my latest big box trip. The last couple times, Bill and I have bought different types of chicken sausage- we opted … Continue reading Pasta with Chicken Apple Sausage & Broccoli


Housewarming parties might be my favorite kind of "adult" gathering. In adult life, there are few opportunities for gift giving, but housewarmings are the perfect opportunity to solicit gifts from your friends. Whether it's a bottle of wine or a new serving dish or even just the company, nothing says home sweet home like a … Continue reading Bruschetta