Obsessed Much: Book Club Edition

Book Club Review

As part of my 101 in 1,001 list, I wanted to read one book a week for an entire month. I’ve always been an avid reader, but in recent years, reading has kind of lost its spark with me. Of course, while I’m on vacation it’s super easy to finish that page turner I’ve had on my reading list for months, but it’s a little harder to commit to daily reading during the busy week or setting aside an entire day to a good read instead of going shopping, grabbing lunch with your bff and finally stopping by the grocery store because you forgot it was your turn to cook dinner tonight. Yes, I know I’m making reading out to seem like a chore, which is how I felt before I challenged myself to read 4 books in 4 weeks. It was only after finishing the first book on my list that I remembered how fun it is to insert yourself in a new setting with new characters and try to figure out where the heck this story is going to go!
To make my goal a little easier on the wallet, I joined my local library and got to work putting books on hold, sifting through ebooks that were available for download and of course asking my sorority little sister for a list of all her favorites. By the end of four weeks, I ended up reading “Before I Go to Sleep” by S. J. Watson, “Where They Found Her” by Kimberley McCreight, “Read Bottom Up” by Neel Shah and Skye Chatham and “Second Life” by S. J. Watson.
Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep
Can you imagine waking up each morning not remembering the last 20 years of your life? I finished this 400+ page novel in less than 6 hours of dedicated reading – yes, I was hooked. It’s seriously such a great page turner—I knew there had to be a twist (there always is) but I didn’t know exactly what the twist was until the very end. It’s the perfect book to pick up before a weekend trip. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out the truth…

Where They Found Her
Where They Found Her
I’m giving you fair warning on this one- be prepared to meet almost every character in the first hour and be prepared to be confused on their relationships or even lack of relationships until almost the very end. Long story short, the body of a newly born infant is found in the woods near a prestigious university in NJ. Follow along through three different points of view to discover exactly what happened to said baby and uncover many other secrets from this small college town. There were just enough twists to keep me interested, but not too many that I was completely lost. “Where They Found Her” is an easy read, even easier audiobook listen, I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes these type of creepy mystery novels.

Read Bottom Up

Read Bottom Up
Literally the perfect easy beach read for the summer. It took me less than 2 hours to finish this novel without a dull moment in sight. The story details the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern world, from awkward texts and emails with your potential beau to the side conversations with your besties you know are happening but prefer to ignore in real life dating. I found myself agreeing with almost every line that came out of Madeline’s head and understanding how men, like Elliot, might think women are a little nuts. Definitely worth the read, if you’re looking for something entertaining and light hearted.

Second Life
Second Life
I’m a wee bit torn on how I feel about this novel. There were parts I loved and could not go to sleep without finishing the chapter, but other parts were slow and confusing, and then the last page left me a bit shocked, to say the least. I’d say it’s worth a read if you like thriller mystery novels, but it definitely didn’t leave me wanting more like Watson’s first novel “Before I Go to Sleep.” On to the novel deets: after finding out that her sister has been murdered, the main character, Julia vows to find her killer. Her story chronicles just how far she will go to find said killer without realizing just how much she will have to give up to do so…


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