Obsessed Much: Rèpublique


624 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(310) 362-6115

I have been wanting to try out this Miracle Mile staple for a couple months now but couldn’t decide if we should commit to the reservation-less brunch option or go for dinner. After a couple of back and forths with friend group, we opted to try their brunch – deciding to meet just before 10am to avoid the true brunch crowd. Trust me, it’s like an alarm goes off at 10am and everyone and their mom is lined up outside Rèpublique, go early to avoid the line (although the line does move fairly quickly, who likes waiting in line?).


As you wind your way inside to order, you are greeted by a glass encasement filled with the most delicious pastries, everything from salty and savory to sweet and crème filled. Try not to order one of everything. I settled on ordering a crème brulee bombolini, which was absolutely amazing. The pastry was crispy and flaky and the crème filling was delicious and not too overwhelmingly sweet.


After ordering your choice of pastries, the cashier will take your order for brunch and beverages, to be delivered to your table. Luckily we had a group of 6, so we got to try a nibble of just about everything, but my review will focus on the two items we ordered – the French toast and the kimchi fried rice.


The French toast was a huge block of fluffy deliciousness, topped with fresh fruit and paired with warm not too sweet syrup. French Toast is not normally my first choice for brunch fare, but this was a good sized serving and was filling, especially when coupled with some parties to start.


Our second item was the kimchi fried rice, which I truly wanted to love but could not fully get to that point. The poached eggs were soft and delicious especially paired with the rice and the short rib was tender and flavorful, but after more than a few bites, the dish became meh. The rice quickly became spicy, but not in the multidimensional kimchi way, it kind of became a chore to finish the dish without another flavor to balance the rice. Don’t get me wrong, I like spicy, this just didn’t have another dimension to balance or compliment that spice, especially for a breakfast dish.


Another friend ordered the Croque Madames- these are AMAZING! I could not recommend them more. Seriously, order them, you won’t regret it. Overall, I thought Rèpublique was a great brunch spot- you’re definitely paying for the ambiance and location, but if you opt for their classic brunch options, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

BB&B Rating 4 // 5


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