Brie & Jalapeno Jelly Toast

Brie & Jalapeno Jelly Toast

I’m all about easy appetizer options, especially when I’m packing them for a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. I discovered these adorable brioche toasts at Trader Joe’s and knew they would be the perfect vessel for whatever cheese combination I ended up going with… Brie is always a safe choice when it comes to apps on the go, so I opted for a rectangular slicing brie and the perfect sweet and spicy jalapeno jelly. The combination is actually genius! You’ve got hearty grains in the toast, just the right amount of heat in the jelly and a creamy cheese to balance everything else out. What are some of your favorite toast appetizer combos?

Brie & Jalapeno Jelly Toast

Brioche Toasts
Jalapeno Jelly
Slicing Brie

Brie & Jalapeno Jelly Toast

Spread jalapeno jelly on top of brioche toasts and top with a slice of brie before serving.

Brie & Jalapeno Jelly Toast


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