Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Loaf

If you’ve ever been labeled “the baker” at work you know that people come to expect baked goods around the holidays. This year my boss ever so sneakily bought a Santa Claus cookie tray to put on my desk and at least two of my other co-workers had left notes asking that something yummy be … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Loaf


Goat Cheese, Apple & Pomegranate Aril Toast

It’s a couple days before Christmas and you’re checking your list, making sure you’ve got the main course prepped, the sides are ready to be popped in the oven and then you realize you forgot the appetizers. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with an extremely simple recipe that will knock the socks off of … Continue reading Goat Cheese, Apple & Pomegranate Aril Toast

Chocolate Mousse Pie with Phyllo Crust

Around the holiday season, a lot people put the emphasis on the main course or finding the perfect easy, yet satisfying appetizer; whereas, for me it’s all about dessert. The more the merrier, the more complicated, the more impressive, and the better the table photographs… Am I right or am I right? I absolutely love … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse Pie with Phyllo Crust

Sweet & Spicy Glazed Salmon

I’ve always been kind of afraid to cook new types of fish, mostly for fear of not cooking it enough or over cooking and drying out an expensive fillet. I also don’t want to end up whipping up some disgusting sauce that ruins what could have been a perfectly cooked fish. Luckily for me, I … Continue reading Sweet & Spicy Glazed Salmon

Easy Acai Bowl

I have been casually obsessed with acai for about three years now. I love adding the sambazon smoothie packets to my ever changing green smoothie recipe. Not only do I feel extra healthy when I add this frozen packets, but the sweet tart berry taste covers pretty much any gross green flavors I add to … Continue reading Easy Acai Bowl