Snapshots: Hello Fresh

As a foodie with a regular 40+ hour a week job, coupled with a new 2+ hour a day commute, I’m always looking for new ways to eat healthy meals cooked at home instead of eating out every night during the week. As I’m sure you’ve seen on my instagram, I have been a live or die Blue Apron cult member, I mean, fan for the last couple of months, but I decided to try out Hello Fresh for something new.

The biggest difference I can see between the two meal plans is the packaging and the infographics with the recipe details; for the most part, the meal options are extremely similar, so it comes down to what I am in the mood for each week. On to the differences – I love the fact that Hello Fresh packages the ingredients by meal, so I’m not double checking the ingredients list and searching through the fridge for the specific ingredients. However, I am not a huge fan of their infographic cards. I feel like the directions are not very specific about sizes for chopping or dicing and there are not pictures of every step involved, compared to Blue Apron.

The differences are small between the two, so I’d say try each and decide for yourself! If you try Hello Fresh, use my code (LVKILM) for $40 off your first box!

On to my reviews of the Hello Fresh meals I tried last week…


Sweet-As-Honey Chicken with Snow Peas over Jasmine Rice
This recipe was probably my least favorite of the week, but it was still a nice and easy healthy option. The chicken was moist and tasty, the snap peas were fresh and light, but I was a little disappointed by the meal as a whole. There wasn’t really the cohesion I’ve had in other recipes from Hello Fresh, but it still saved me time in decided on a recipe, going grocery shopping and then having to cook it as well.


The Pat LaFrieda Burger
Hands down, my favorite meal of the week! Actually it was the reason I opted for Hello Fresh over Blue Apron this week. The burger itself was to die for, absolutely mouth-watering, I loved the flavor of the oregano, I never thought to add it to a burger before. Similarly, the bun was delicious and was perfectly toasted. The cauliflower side was a tad bit lack-luster. I love me some cauliflower, but Bill was definitely not a huge fan.


Thai Pork Stir-Fry
I was surprised by this recipe. I originally thought the recipe was going to be bland, but the combination of super fresh vegetables and the yummy honey soy pork was absolutely delightful. I actually plan on making this recipe again outside of Hello Fresh. It was easy to make, packed full of healthy ingredients and tasty to boot!

Overall, I will continue to order either Hello Fresh or Blue Apron each week for the ease and convenience. The decision of which will be decided by the menu. I actually couldn’t decide between the two for next week, so I have my Hello Fresh delivery coming on Tuesday and the Blue Apron delivery coming on Saturday, so I can enjoy both and skip the meh meals for both next week.


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