Snapshots: Zagreb

It’s been a little over two months since we came home from our awesome honeymoon to Croatia and Greece.  I’ve been meaning to post a must eat list for each location, but of course life has gotten in the way.  Better late than never right?

When we first started planning our trip, we knew we wanted to take at least two weeks off to celebrate our wedding.  In the three years I’ve been at my current job, the most days I have taken off consecutively are four, so needless to say, this was a well-deserved vacation.  But I’m not sure my boss will approve another vacation for the next year, teehee.

We used a travel agent to plan our three week vacation, which I would highly recommend.  Since we weren’t familiar with transportation between all of our Croatian destinations, it made getting from point A to point B a breeze.

We started our vacation by flying into Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  We arrived at the Palace Hotel around 7pm, quickly refreshed ourselves and hit the town to take advantage of the less than 24 hours we had in the capital.  We took a quick 10 minute stroll to what we called restaurant row and stumbled upon Mali Medo where we dined upon some delicious pizza and pasta options.  We were so starved I forgot to take photos, but trust me when I say it was the perfect first meal in Croatia, plus the $2 pints weren’t too shabby either.

We turned in early so we could take advantage of an early start to explore Zagreb by day before picking up our rental car to start the trek to Plitvice National Park.  Our hotel reservation included a breakfast buffet, which had everything from breakfast sausage and eggs to croissants and delicious pastries.  After our breakfast, we retraced our steps from the night before and made our way to a picturesque cafe Johann Franck for some strong espresso and some casual people watching.  After our coffee break, we continued exploring the city, stopping by the Cathedral and then walking through Dolac Market.

After exploring the horse shoe of gardens throughout the city, we snacked on some grilled corn then settled on a quick and easy lunch at Mlinar before taking an uber to our rental car agency and heading out on our two hour drive to Plitvice.  Turns out mlinar would become our go to snack location throughout our trip – we were obsessed with the Mexican chicken rolls – so good!


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