Snapshots: Plitvice

After our two hour drive from Zagreb to Plitvice, we checked into Villa Mukinja, our home for the next two nights sought out our nearest dinner options.  We ended up at Bistro Vucnica, a short two minute walk from our lodge.  While the menu wasn’t extensive, the pizzas were huge and a great value for a quick and easy meal.  The restaurant can get quite busy because it is one of the few options in the area, so prepare to wait if you come during the dinner rush.

The next day, we woke up to a wet morning and plans to explore the national park all day.  Luckily, there was a break in the storms and we finally made our way to Entrance #2 (a 5 minute drive) and took in the gorgeous views of the interconnected lakes.  Because of the cloudy weather, we didn’t get the perfect turquoise shots we were hoping for, but it was still spectacular to see the thousands of waterfalls in person.

For dinner, we made our way to Restoran Degenija and had the most delightful traditional Croatian fare yet.  I opted for the breaded turkey steak stuffed with ham and cheese WITH a side of gorgonzola gnocchi.  Bill opted for a prosciutto gnocchi dish and we finished off our meal with a slice of tiramisu.  This was our splurge meal in Plitvice, but the entire bill was still under $50 for the two of us!  I would dine at Retoran Degenija again in an instant, it did not disappoint.

These little clouds of gnocchi were heaven on earth!


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