Snapshots: Zadar to Split

Our original itinerary had us staying in Plitvice for 3 nights, but due to inclement weather, we decided to leave a day early and spend more time exploring Zadar along our road trip to Split and take advantage of a second night in Split.

We left Plitvice around noon and off we went to our next stop, Zadar, home of the Sea Organ.  Once in Zadar, we sat down for a quick coffee than found Bill’s favorite snack stop, Minar, where we ate some yummy meat filled pastries and walked around the city, taking in the sights and sounds, especially along the boardwalk and at the Sea Organ, a set or steps where the waves hitting the steps create beautiful organ sounds by pushing air through constructed organ holes.

After a quick two hour pit stop, we continued to our destination, Split, where we checked into the cutest apartment, took in a gorgeous sunset along the marina and received an awesome recommendation for our first dinner on the coast in Split.  We took advantage of the grilled meats for two platter at Konoba Maslina, and had plenty of leftovers to make delicious steak and eggs the next day!

For our first full day in Split, we climbed the tower to see picturesque views of the city, enjoyed a lunchtime pitstop at Rizzo Sandwiches, then hiked to a beautfiul vantage point, to enjoy a cocktail or two at Teraca Vidilica, before enjoying dinner at Galija.  The next morning, we embarked on our catamaran ride to the next stop, Hvar!


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