Snapshots: Hvar

After leaving Split, we took a quick hour catamaran ride to Hvar, Croatia (our favorite of all the Croatian locations).  We checked into the Hotel Riva and immediately found a water taxi to take us to Palmizana Beach, where we spent the afternoon lounging at Lagini Paganni.  This was easily the highlight of our trip, purely based on the best weather conditions, and the opportunity to relax and enjoy each others’ company.

We spent three nights in Hvar and found our favorite restaurant to be Fig.

We hiked up to the Fortress view points and another day, we rented a boat to travel along the islands, and ended up back at Plmizana Beach.  Hvar was beyond gorgeous and we enjoyed every activity from our first beach side lounging day, to exploring the city, to renting our own boat to explore the remaining island chains.  Hvar was a fantastic city, from the history to all of the delicious food options.  We hope one day to visit again!


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