Snapshots: Cake Tasting

We are finally in less than one year stretch and still doing things ridiculously ahead of time.  We headed down to Orange County this past weekend to visit a friend who just moved back from Hawaii, and conveniently, she lives 15 minutes from our wedding venue.  We decided to take the opportunity to schedule not … Continue reading Snapshots: Cake Tasting


Apple & Carrot Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts; however, more often than not, when I order my favorite treat I am faced with a dry bland carrot cake. It’s always such a bummer to have your high hopes squashed. Look no further for a perfectly moist carrot cake recipe that combines carrots with sweet granny … Continue reading Apple & Carrot Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting

Classic White Cake with Brownie Surprise

There’s nothing more surprising that cutting a slice of cake and finding something pleasantly unexpected. I’ve seen many a cake with hidden polka dots and yummy fruit fillings, but this secret brownie layer and chocolate sauce takes the SURPRISE element to the next level. My mom’s birthday always falls right around Thanksgiving, so she always … Continue reading Classic White Cake with Brownie Surprise

Olaf Summer Dream Cake

It’s definitely not a secret that I love any opportunity to bake. So when my coworkers approached me about baking a cake for a surprise baby shower, I jumped at the request. Little did I know that there were big plans for this little cake… Initially, I wanted to create an easy yet impressive four … Continue reading Olaf Summer Dream Cake

Double Take Earl Grey Layer Cake

In high school, I absolutely loved planning tea parties for my girl friends. From the bite size tea sandwiches to the perfect sorbet pallet cleanser and finally picking the best teas. Tea parties were an easy way to impress my friends and have a quick and easy party with minimal cooking effort. But who says … Continue reading Double Take Earl Grey Layer Cake