Easy Turkey Burger Sliders

Anytime I know I am going to have people over, I always try to rack my brain for easy yet impressive meals.  Every time the answer is too simple, it's almost criminal - mini versions of my favorite recipes.  For the 3rd of July, I didn't want to go over board with grilling up a … Continue reading Easy Turkey Burger Sliders


Minestrone Soup

Another family recipe passed down by my boyfriend's mom. The recipe was originally featured in Sunset Magazine in the 1960's and was passed along to me since it was one of Bill's favorites when he was a kid.  I love everything about soup for dinner, except when it's 80 degrees out, which thank you Los … Continue reading Minestrone Soup

Tropical Green Machine Smoothie

I make breakfast smoothies every morning before work, so I'm always looking for new flavor varieties to mix things up day to day. I also just so happened to receive my first vita-mix blender for Christmas this year. Let me just say, it makes a world of difference. I know these blenders carry a $400+ … Continue reading Tropical Green Machine Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Being from LA, it's hard not to try any of the overhyped "juice" bars around the city. A few weekends ago, my roommate and I headed on a Sunday adventure- starting with a hike in the Santa Monica mountains and ending with some juice. Yes, we know we couldn't have planned a more #LA day; … Continue reading Green Smoothie

Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers

Burgers might be one of my absolute favorite foods-- if I could eat them every day, I would be a happy camper. But since burgers aren't always the most nutritious of meals, I try to opt for some variety and some healthier options, like the next recipe. The best thing about turkey burgers is that … Continue reading Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers